AS Biology Resources (websites,animations,notes....)


Mainly for Edexcel ,but also for AQA & WJEC

If you have any that aren t listed here pm me & I ll add them.

Hope it is useful :)

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AS Biology Resources
SNAB Bio Tips,1430,NA.html
EDEXCEL BIO (SNAB) see Lil08 s mind maps
Edexcel Notes
SNAB Online has lots of worksheets...
If you don t have that you can find them here http://intranet.wellingtoncollege.or...nes-and-health
,along with some other qs
Another good site is this one:
& this 1 has a couple of worksheets :

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Edexcel Bio AS Animations(I m choosing the animations based on the topics covered on the SNAB AS Course)
These are taken from another book ,but could be a good way to revise.
Proteins in plasma membrane
Faciliated Diffusion
Passive & Active Transport
Enzyme Catalysis
Enzymes and Activation Energy
Mitosis and Cell Division
Prenatal screening
Genetics terminology
Punnet Square
Phospholipids form membranes
Cellular Transport…read more

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Bio Podcast
Useful Sites
Khan Academy teaches you really well, in detail, about all sorts of things and you can also request stuff.
It's not just Biology, but all sciences and I believe maths as well. It's awesome
& there s always Youtube for looking @ videos
Animations http ://
AQA Bio Videos,7,tn,1.html
Aqa bio sites
WJEC…read more

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