AS BIOLOGY- Protein Synthesis

PROTEIN SYNTHESIS: Notes on Transcription and Translation with a handy diagram :)

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DNA double helix unwinds
Hydrogen bonds between bases break, allowing the strands
to separate
One of these strands is a template strand (antisense
Free RNA mononucleotides line up alongside the template
strand and pair up with complementary base pairs, producing
an mRNA molecule
mRNA leaves the nucleus via a nuclear pore
mRNA attaches to a ribosome in the cytoplasm
TRANSLATION (on ribosomes)
mRNA attaches to a ribosome
A tRNA molecule carries an amino acid molecule, which has
3 bases (anticodon)
These bases pair up with complementary bases on the mRNA
The amino acids that the transfer RNA carry join by peptide
bonds forming a POLYPEPTIDE CHAIN
The empty tRNA molecules move away from the ribosome,
leaving their amino acid


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