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Balanced Diet && Health…read more

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Nutrient Function
Carbohydrates Energy store; energy supply
Lipids Energy store; thermal insulation; protective layers; Phosolipid layer; waxy
cuticle; cholesterol and some hormones
Proteins Structure; Enzymes; Hormones; Transport; Antibodies; Amino acid
production; Growth and repair: In starvation = energy supply
Fat soluble vitamins
A (retinol) Visual pigment formation; Eye tissue formation
D Absorbs Calcium from diet; Hardens and strengthens bones
E Antioxidants ­ breaks down toxins and poisons
K A factor in effective blood clotting
Water soluble vitamins
Vitamin B group
Dietary Fibre
Water…read more

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Nutrient Function
Copper; Manganese; Cobalt
fluoride…read more

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Balanced Diet
Humans must contain plenty but not too much nutrients balanced
Nutrients provide energy and materials for:
·Functioning of vital organs
7 major food groups
1. Fats ­ energy supply; thermal insulation; protective layers; cholesterol
2. Carbohydrates ­ energy storage; energy supply
3. Fibre ­ healthy digestive system; absorbs cholesterol; protects against gut
4. Vitamins
5. Minerals
6. Water ­ needed for many reactions; support in plants; transport; coolant;
7. Protein ­ structure; transport; enzymes; hormones; antibodies; growth and
Every individual needs different amount of the food groups in their diet…read more

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Result from an unbalanced diet
Lack of nutrients Diets rich in fat and
Excess of nutrients -OBESITY carbohydrates most likely
to lead to OBESITY!
Obesity BMI above 30
Can lead to:
·High cholesterol levels Atherosclerosis
·Coronary heart disease/stroke
·Hypertension/high blood pressure
·Type 2 diabetes ­ high sugar levels
·Weakened immune system ­ infections not cured as fast
·Low fitness levels
·Decrease mobility
·Shortage of breath
·Arthritis Joint pain
·B.O bacteria on surface of skin to break down sweat MOIST BACTERIA
·Cancer MEN Constipation ­ colon and rectum
WOMEN Cervix, Uterus and breast
·Varicose veins blood doesn't get back up from legs/feet to the heart
valves lack/no muscle contraction…read more

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BMI: Body Mass Index
BMI = Body Mass (kg)
Mass of muscle > Mass of fat
Height (metres)2…read more

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