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Adele and Emma…read more

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Species name is
ALWAYS lower
case Species
They are similar to one another, but different from members of other
They are capable of breeding to produce living and fertile offspring.
All species are referred to by a generic name. This says which genus
the organism belongs to e.g. Canis
The second name is called the specific name. This says the species
which the organism belongs to e.g. lupus…read more

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Types of Remember:
These are developed
Classification for our convenience,
the natural world does
not follow any
classification system...
Artificial Classification
Divides organisms according to differences that are
useful at the time.
e.g. Colour, size, number of legs, leaf shape, etc
These are analogous characteristics as they have the
same function but not the same evolutionary origin e.g.
the wings of butterflies and birds are both used for flight,
but they originated in different ways.…read more

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Natural Classification:
is based upon the evolutionary relationships between organisms
and their ancestors.
classifies species into groups using shared features derived from
their ancestors
arranges the groups into a hierarchy in which the groups are
contained within larger groups with no overlap
Relationships in a natural classification are based on
homologous characteristics. These have very similar
evolutionary origins, regardless of their functions in the adult
of a species.
e.g. the wing of a bird, the arm of a human, and the front leg of a
horse all have the same basic structure and all evolved from a
common ancestor and are therefore homologous.…read more

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Taxonomy King Prawn
Curry Or Fat
Sweet Pea Sausages
Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Angiospermophyta
Class Dicotyledonae
Order Rosales
Family Fabaceae
Genus Lathyrus
Species odoratus…read more

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