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Mammalian and Plant
Transport…read more

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Transport Systems
Control of Breathing and heartbeat
Energy and Exercise
Transport of Substances in Plants…read more

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Human Circulatory System
Pumps materials as a fluid quickly around body
Double circulatory system:…read more

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Blood entering via Blood leaving
vessel: via vessel:
Carotid artery Head Jugular Vein
Hepatic artery Liver Hepatic vein
Renal artery Kidneys Renal vein
Superior and inferior
Pulmonary artery
vena cava Heart
Pulmonary vein…read more

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How the Blood is Transported
Arteries carry blood away from Capillaries have thin walls to
the heart at high pressure in allow glucose and oxygen to
thick walled lumen diffuse through
Veins carry low pressure blood back to the heart.
Veins have thinner walls and valves to prevent
backflow of blood…read more

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Blood Vessels…read more

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