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Abbie Evans
BIOLOGY F211…read more

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Cell structure- Microscopes
Microscope Resolution Magnification
Light 200nm x1500
Scanning electron 0.5nm x15000
Transmission electron 0.5nm x250000
Magnification is how Staining
many times larger an Is needed because most biological material
image is than the is transparent. In SEM's heavy metals eg
actual size. gold are used. Electrons are scattered by
Resolution-is the the surface of the object , helping to create
ability to see detail. the image.
Magnification= image size/actual size or
length of drawing/length of object…read more

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Cell structure- Organelles
Houses all of
Produces ATP
the cell's
during aerobic
material in the
form of DNA.
ribosomes and
Transports RNA
made by the Modifies proteins
attached and packages
ribosomes. them into vesicles
to be transported…read more

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Cell structure- Organelles
Form fibres known
Cilia- Move by
as the spindle, that
ATP waves
mucus along
during cell division.
Contain powerful
enzymes that
break down
Smooth ER- materials
Makes lipids
Site of photosynthesis
Ribosomes- Site of
protein synthesis…read more

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Cell structure- Prokaryotic
Feature Prokaryotic Eukaryotic Eukaryotic
animal plant
Nucleus yes yes
Cell wall Yes Yes cellulose
mitochondria yes yes
chloroplast yes
Golgi apparatus yes yes
vacuole vesicles yes
Flagella In some
Cilia In some Only in gametes
ER yes yes…read more

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Relationship between organelles in
production and secretion of protein.
1.MRNA copies instructions for a hormone
2.It leaves the nucleus through the nuclear
pore and attaches to a ribosome, where the
instructions to assemble the protein are read
3.The molecules are pinched off in vesicles
and travel toward Golgi apparatus.
4. It fuses with the Golgi where it is processed
and packaged and pinched off again
5.The vesicles travel to the plasma
membrane, fuses with it and are released
outside.…read more

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