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AS Biology Definitions

Active site ­ the specifically shaped receptor site which messenger molecules with a complimentary
shape bind to, enabling the message to be passed across

Active transport ­ the active movement of a molecule from a low concentration to a high
concentration, requiring energy from ATP, and a…

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Differentiation ­ the process by which a cell becomes specialised for a particular function, by
changing shape, size, the number or types of organelles, or contents.

Diffusion ­ the passive process of particles moving from a high concentration to a low concentration,
through a partially permeable membrane

Diploid cell ­…

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Prokaryotic ­ a bacterial cell identified easily as they do not have a nucleus, but the DNA is free as a
loop in the cytoplasm. The ribosomes are smaller (18nm) and they don't contain any double
membraned organelles (e.g. mitochondria). They often have flagella to propel the cell.

Resolution ­…


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