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Chapter 1.2 ­ The heart and health

The inferior vena cava As the right atrium fills up with The tricuspid valve is also
collects blood from the blood, the pressure builds up and known as an atrioventricular
lower parts of the body, opens the tricuspid valve, so the valve as…

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When the heart contracts the blood pressure in the arteries is at its highest. When the heart relaxes,
the blood pressure in the arteries falls.

The friction between the blood and the vessel walls is called peripheral resistance. It slows down the
flow of blood.

Little pressure is lost when…

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The lumen of the artery gets smaller because if the plaque. This increases the blood pressure making
it hard to pump blood around the body. This raised blood pressure makes damage more likely in the
endothelial lining, so more plaques form, which further increases the blood pressure.

Aneurysm ­ When…


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