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The world's most neglected disease…read more

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A serious and even fatal illness
The infection causes the alveoli and smaller
airways in your lungs to become inflamed and
fill with fluid
We can be protected from pneumonia, it can be
prevented with simple interventions, and
treated with low-cost, low-tech medication
and care
A form of acute respiratory infection that
affects the lungs…read more

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e Main airways
(Trachea (Bronchi)
Rib cage Airways
of the
inflamed or
filled with Air sacs
fluid…read more

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Many different bacteria, virus and (rarely) fungi
and parasites can cause pneumonia
Virus: invades the cells lining the airways and
alveoli, leading to cell death; it can also affect
other organs and make the body more
susceptible to bacterial infections
Bacteria: invades spaces between cells and
alveoli; this triggers an immune response so
that white blood cells, bacteria, and fluid from
surrounding blood vessels fill the alveoli and
interrupt normal oxygen transportation…read more

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Are you at risk?
More likely to get pneumonia if you:
­ are in poor health
­ are over 65 or very young
­ smoke
­ drink too much alcohol
­ have a long-term illness, such as cancer
­ have a weakened immune system
All these things affect your body's natural
ability to fight off infections…read more

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