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Priest/Ritual Structure…read more

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It is an officer who holds rank within a
religious structure. He/she is usually
found within a complex society where
full time specialists of this type can be
supported. They would be ceremonially
initiated into a religious structural.
They would then interpret the
wishes/commands of other people or will
appeal to deities on behalf of others.…read more

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Example: There were the Vestal Virgins
who were famous within the Roman
State Religion. There were a band of
female priestesses who at a young age
were taken from leading families of
Rome. They were there to make sure
the fire in the Temple of Vesta was
kept alight. They spend 10 years in
training and then 10 as an active Vestal
Priestess. They then spent another 10
years training the next generation. They
had a high position in society.…read more

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Temple of Vesta, Rome and the Vestal
Virgins…read more

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Propitiation/ votives…read more

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It is the act of giving something to a God
or spirit so as to gain their support to
guarantee success in a venture.…read more

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