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Sociology Revision Jade Quarrie…read more

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1870 to 1944
Controlled education had been controlled by
local administrators who oversaw the provision
of basic skills, along with religious and moral
Boys and Girls taught separately
Boys trained in technical skills.
Girls learnt domestic competence.
Small proportion of working class children won
scholarships to continue their education free.…read more

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Social democracy and educational
1918 ­ 21+ males could vote.
1928 ­ Women gained equal voting rights.
Social democratic perspective ­ society should
be based on justice and fairness.
Education had an important part to play in this
meritocracy as it could be the mechanism
through which individuals had equal chances
to develop their talents.…read more

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The tripartite system
After the second world war, Butlers Education Act
of 1944 introduced secondary education for all
No effect on public schools, but it did aim to
abolish class ­ based inequalities within state
Grammar schools for academically able pupils
Technical schools
Secondary modern schools for everyone else.
All children would take a IQ Test at 11, those who
passed their 11+ went to grammar and technical
schools.…read more

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Problems of the tripartite
1. Most pupils only 2 types of schools were
2. There was no `parity of esteem' 75% of pupils
who attended secondary moderns were seen as
3. Some pupils ended up in secondary modern
schools irrespective of their ability.
4. Social class divide remained intact ­ 2/3 of
grammar schools are middle class. Working
class pupils labelled as `failures' lacked
motivation to succeed.…read more

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1965 to 1979
Comprehensive Schools
In 1965, the Labour government instructed all
local authorities to submit plans for
comprehensive schools could provide a broad
curriculum and more sporting and recreational
activities.…read more

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