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Language and Gender
Robin Lakoff wrote Language and a Women's Race (1975) , a book recognised by linguistics
for the study of language and gender.

Nobody actually thought of studying spoken language in terms of gender until 1975. Aspects
of her study have been criticised since, it was ground-breaking at…

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Firstly Lakoff has been criticised because her theories were not based on controlled
experiments or hard evidence, but on personal diservations.

Women's Words

Women's work words:
Obviously it is inevitable that a person's interests and occupation will reflect their
vocabulary: doctors use more medical terms than most people.
As long…

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However, Lakoff's claim that hedges are linked with uncertainty and unassertiveness
has been challenged. Fishman said it could be another indicator that women were
doing the conversational work. Men were rejecting the topic and not responding,
women were attempting to keep the conversation going to get some kind of

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power in conversation rather than the gender of the
people involved".
Fishman Tags Based research on 52 hours of taped conversation
between men and women in their homes. Found that
women used tags 2 1/2 times more than men.
According to Fishman, they were used not to show
weakness but…

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and agree more with men). They usually give polite, indirect orders and try to show
understanding by compromising and tend to offer support rather than solutions.

Rory Sheridan


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