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Unit Study Evaluations
Psychopathology Beck's Cognitive theory of depression Some Evidence Grazioli and
individuals are more vulnerable to depression Terry tested women's
generated through thoughts. Three parts to this cognitive vulnerability
cognitive vulnerability: faulty information before and after
processing, negative self-schema and the negative pregnancy and found
triad. Faulty information…

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Systematic desensitivisation Patient is taught to Research McGrath et
relax their muscles. Therapists construct a al found SD
desensitization hierarchy ranging from low to high appropriate in 75 of
anxiety. The patient gradually works through the patients with phobias
hierarchy by visualising the event whilst engaging in Quicker than CBT…

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Approaches Bandura Bobo doll 72 children aged 37-69 months No standardised
were tested in a laboratory using independent procedure
measures to demonstrate social learning theory. Low ecological validity
Children individually shown to a room for 10 minutes Unethical
with toys with a role model. In the non aggressive
group the…

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Approaches Outline fight or flight response The sympathetic Taylor et al found
nervous system associates sensory signals with women act in a social
emotions such as fear and sends a distress signal to manner due to
the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus responds by evolutionary role to
releasing CRH into the bloodstream.…

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trials in total and the confederates gave a total of 12
wrong answers. Asch was interested to see if the real
pp would conform to the majority view even though
it was obviously wrong. On average 32% of the time,
pps conformed with the majority. 74% conformed at
least once.…

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negative way. So prisons need to have strong pro-
social element to change the roles of prisoners. he
teacher is told to administer an electric shock every
time the learner makes a mistake, increasing the
level of shock each time. There were 30 switches on
the shock generator marked from…

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Social influences Jenness 1932 Participants were asked to make an Covert observation
initial estimate on the amount of beans a bottle High internal validity
contained. They then had to provide an agreed
group estimate on this amount. Jenness then placed
the participants in seperate rooms again and asked if

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Attachments Lorenz Investigated the formation of attachment Comparative
using geese. Divided fertile geese into two groups- psychology
randomly. Half were placed under their mother and Unethical
allowed to naturally hatch whilst the others were Supports critical
placed in an incubator. Lorenz ensured he was the period
first mobile object seen…

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Attachments Bowlby monotropic theory Bowlby believed that Schaffer and Emerson
infants developed innate species-specific attachment 1964 found that in
behaviours by natural selection to ensure survival. 39% of cases the
These social releasers include crying, vocalising and mother was not the
following. These behaviours are initially triggered by infants main…

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Takahashi strange situation Looked into how Unethical children
appropriate the strange situation was in other were under more
cultures -Japan- and whether it was valid outside of stress as they were
America. 60 middle class infants who were all raised not used to being
at home were observed under the…


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