Art Nouveau

there is only one here... but after talking to the teachers as long as you know two in enough detail then this will be enough,

I have put 6 famous art nouveau influenced examples on here, that also needs to be learnt, good luck! (:

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Definition: Free flowing natural, organic forms and sinuous lines.
Style of art, architecture and applied art (especially decorative art).
Became fashionable In Europe & America > late 19th early 20th century.
The "Art Nouveau" is French for "New Art" and took its name from a shop that opened in Paris
in 1895.
Influenced by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha.
1895 > he produced a lithographed poster in Paris as an advertisement for the play
Gismonda (used to be called "Style Mucha" before his style changed name to Art Noveau)
In France > use of sinuous lines and "whiplash" tendrils were applied to everything from
architecture, jewellery and wallpaper.
Wallpaper > styles and motifs influenced by William Morris wallpaper (he was the leader of the
arts and crafts movement).
Famous examples...
Paris Metro Station entrance... designed by Hector Guimard.
Palacio Guell (1885 ­ 1890) & Sagrada Familia (still be being built today)... Antoni Gaudi
(designs present in street lamps and furniture too).
In America > Tiffany glass (became international symbol of A.N, still popular today) ... Louis
Comfort Tiffany.

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In Britain > Glasgow school of Art (he designed almost every detail, incl. Ash trays)... Charles
Rennie Mackintosh.
Mackintosh furniture... inspired by Japanese design.
In 1900 >Mackintosh invited to exhibit work in Vienna, was well received & became part of
group of international architects and designers.
His work, and that of C. R. Ashbee ­ arts and crafts designer, then influenced other
European groups like... Weiner Workstatte in Austria < worked in similar style to A. N.…read more


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