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Arria was famous in the Roman world for her remarkable
courage. Here, in a letter to his friend, Nepos, Pliny recounts
two lesser known stories about her which he thinks are even
more heroic than the story which made her famous.

C. Plinius Nepoti suo S.
C.Plinius greets you.…

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deinde, cum lacrimae diu cohibitae eam vincerent
prorumperentque, egrediebatur tum se dolori dabat
satiate siccis oculis comosito vultu in cubiculum
redibat, tamquam orbitatem foris reliquisset.
Then, when tears which had been held back for a long time
conquered her and broke out, she used to leave the room
she then…

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Scribonianus arma in Illyrico contra Claudium moverat
fuerat Paetus in pertibus, et occiso Scriboniano Romam
Scribonianus has taken up arms in Illyria against Claudius
paetus had been involved in the conspiracy, and when
scribonianus had been killed he was being dragged to rome.

erat ascensurus navem Arria milites orabat…

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From this it is clear that the plan of a most fine death was
not impulsive.

quin etiam, cum Thrasea gener eius deprecaretur ne
mori pergeret, interque alia dixisset: `vis ergo filiam
tuam, si mihi pereundum fuerit, mori mecum?',
respondit: `si tam diu tantaque Concordia vixerit tecum
quam ego cum…

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