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Arria was famous in the Roman world for her remarkable
courage. Here, in a letter to his friend, Nepos, Pliny recounts
two lesser known stories about her which he thinks are even
more heroic than the story which made her famous.
C. Plinius Nepoti suo S.
C.Plinius greets you.
aegrotabat Caecina Paetus, maritus Arriae aegrotabat
et filius, uterque gravissime, ut videbatur.
Caecia paetus, husband af aria, was ill her son was also ill,
both very seriously, as it seemed.
filius mortuus est, iuvenis pulcherrimus et verecundus
et parentibus carus.
The son died, a very handsome young man, modest and
dear to his parents.
huic Arria ita funus paravit, ita duxit exsequias, ut
ignarus esset maritus quin immo quotiens cubiculum
eius intraret, vivere filium atque etiam commodiorem
esse simulabat, ac persaepe marito roganti, quid ageret
puer, respondebat: `bene dormivit, libenter cibum
Aria prepared a funeral for him, in such a way, lead his
funeral procession, that her husband ws unaware of it,
indeed whenever she entered his bedroom, she pretended
that her son was alive, and even in stronger health, and very
often when her husband asked how the boy was getting on
she used to reply "he has slept well, and willingly eaten
some food."

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Then, when tears which had been held back for a long time
conquered her and broke out, she used to leave the room
she then gave herself to grief then having had her fill (of
tears) with dry eyes and a composed face, she returned to
the bedroom, as if she had left her bereavement outside.
The second story tells of Arria's courage when her husband
was involved in a shortlived revolt against the Emperor
Claudius led by Scribonius, the governor of Illyricum.…read more

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Scribonianus arma in Illyrico contra Claudium moverat
fuerat Paetus in pertibus, et occiso Scriboniano Romam
Scribonianus has taken up arms in Illyria against Claudius
paetus had been involved in the conspiracy, and when
scribonianus had been killed he was being dragged to rome.
erat ascensurus navem Arria milites orabat ut simul
They got on board a ship aria was begging soldiers to put
her on board at the same time.…read more

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From this it is clear that the plan of a most fine death was
not impulsive.
quin etiam, cum Thrasea gener eius deprecaretur ne
mori pergeret, interque alia dixisset: `vis ergo filiam
tuam, si mihi pereundum fuerit, mori mecum?',
respondit: `si tam diu tantaque Concordia vixerit tecum
quam ego cum Paeto, volo.…read more

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Goodbye.…read more


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