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Armitage Poems
The Meaning of Language and
Structure and other things...…read more

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Mother, any distance...
This poem focuses on a relationship between a mother and son,
these ideas are then reflected in the language through the use
of extended metaphor and image affiliation.
This is a key idea and theme that is referred to in the poems first
line, which is this case acts as it's title illustrating even further
it's importance.
There are many allusions to space in this poem, it could
*Practically/physically it symbolises the empty house the two
characters are moving either in or...
* it could symbolise the growing emotional distance between
`acres, prairies, length, metres, centimetres,'
This second idea is specifically highlighted and proved by line
`unreeling years between us.'…read more

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Extended Metaphors
`spool of tape'
This is representative of a mother's umbilical cord the physically bond a
mother and her child share which still exist through their ensuing
relationship but in this poem is...
`up the stairs, the line still feeding out, unreeling'
`Anchor. Kite'
These two words stand alone in this poem separated by full stops, with
then automatic Capital Letters. This gives them more emphasise as
the reader has to break, thereby focusing on them more.
As two ordinary objects they can be interpreted in several ways...
`Anchor'; this symbolises the mother, either as a base, used for safety
and guidance, a base. OR... She is weighing him down, holding him
back from taking off on a big adventure.
`Kite' ; is more straightforward, symbolising the son, escaping and free,
however... kites usually have strings attached to someone down
below, again his mother, the idea possibly that however high he flies
she'll always be there at the bottom.…read more

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The poem has 3 stanza's.
The rhyming pattern of the first is secure,
In the same way the structure to is quite rigid on
the page.
However as the poem progresses the rhyming
structure become more disjointed and uncertain,
symbolic of the son futures, he doesn't know what
it will be, there is no security there it is simply
`an endless sky, to fall or fly.'…read more

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Mother, any distance ­ strong representative
or characters feelings, place in life and
emotions towards each other represented
in the language, rhyme and structure.…read more

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My father thought it bloody queer...
This is similar to `Mother' in the way it
represents characters relationship, here a
father and son, with each other through
language and rhyming structure.
Also with a metaphor or the wound in his
ear `weeping' this is was wounds do when
they bleed but also representative of their
relationship.…read more

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