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Plato and Aristotle:
views on the soul…read more

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What did Plato say about the soul?
· Plato was deeply influenced by the Pythagorean thought
· Plato said the soul is immaterial belonging to the `world of forms'
as part of the `form of good'
· Plato said the soul is immortal because the souls eternity lies in
· He said it is a simple substance and cannot be destroyed
· Soul is separate from the body, because when a person dies there
soul moves to another body
· No one created the soul…read more

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·Aristotle believes in something completely opposite ­ the
soul is not a simple immortal substance and the soul
doesn't go to another persons body
·He says the body and soul work together and without the
body we would have no soul
·They can't survive on their own because they rely on
each other
·He also says all living things have a soul because the soul
is the `principle of life'…read more

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· Both believe the soul exist
They also believe that the soul has 3 elements:
-the vegetative soul; is shared with all living things (including plants)
-the appetitive soul; in which we find passions and appetites such as hunger,
thirst and emotions e.g.; anger or sadness (animals and humans)
-the intellectual soul; which is rational and directive ­ It thinks about things
and decides what actions we should take (only to humans)…read more

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Time for a quiz.
(Just 5 questions
· We will divide the class in teams (Team A / B)
· Each team will pick a person to be the `speaker'
· You will have 30 seconds to discuss the answer in your
team and the speakers from each team will put their
hands up to answer
· First person to put their hands up and get questions
right gets a point.…read more

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Who believed the soul was `the
Principe of life'?
Aristotle…read more

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