Arguments for Genetic Engineering & Cell Therapy

A description of cell therapy and cloning, supported by Christian views and Bible verses and references, justification of the for, against, implications, christian views and opinions.

In excellent presentation, perfect for explanation.

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Genetic Engineering
By Jess, Hannah, Laura and Toby…read more

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What is Genetic Engineering?
Genetic engineering is
used to alter a life form.
This is done by cell
therapy, which is
carried out in a lab.…read more

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Types Include:
Embryonic stem cell cloning:
The use of the new technology to create new genetically
identical life. This uses embryonic stem cells ­ taken from
human embryos.
Gene therapy:
The use of the new technology to develop new tissue cells that
could be used to treat diseases. This uses adult stem cells.…read more

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Examples: Embryonic stem cell cloning
An example of cell cloning
was the first successful
cloning of Dolly the sheep.
She was cloned in the Roslin
Institute, Edinburgh.
Ian Wilmot was the scientist
who cloned Dolly in 1997, 24th
of February.…read more

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Somatic Cell Therapy
The cell therapy
consists of removing
undesired nuclei
from cells, and
Inserting a different
nucleus into the
surrogate egg.
This is called somatic cell nuclear transfer. This is used
to alter the medical state of a cell that may carry a disease
or disorder.…read more

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Arguments for Genetic Engineering…read more

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