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Arguments For Anti-
By Tarnjoat Kaur (pronounced Taranjot)…read more

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What is Anti-realism?
Dictionary definition: In analytic philosophy, the term
anti-realism is used to describe any position involving
either the denial of an objective reality of entities of a
certain type or the denial that verification-transcendent
statements about a type of entity are either true or false
- From the bowels of Wikipedia.
Also can be known as Idealism- just to get that out there.…read more

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We only have sense Data
We only have sense data in which to experience the world, but we
can not know if they describe the world accurately
Reality doesn't exist, it's in the mind and is perceiver dependant.
Example: When you touch the table you know it exists in your
mind and that is reality but outside of your mind it might not, this
doesn't really matter.…read more

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Other reasons why It's real and
not Cray
Hard to falsify: how do you prove it wrong?
Logically seems to be correct, because we can not perceive the real
world since we can not detach ourselves from our own minds
God can not perceive the world for us and we do not know he exists so
him watching the world doesn't make everything exist, and even if it
does we can't see it.
Berkeley: "to be is to be perceived"…read more

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Other Arguments...
Without our senses we do not have any information
about the objects, it's the senses giving us
impressions, not the objects.
Give us an apple and without senses we have no
impression of it therefore no knowledge of it's
existence, therefore it doesn't exist.…read more

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George Berkeley: all illustration
If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does
it really make a sound?
There is no sound because there is no one to hear it, therefore
the sound doesn't exist. The tree might not even exist for all we
know. According to Berkeley the tree makes no noise since no
one can perceive it.
Imagining the tree falling is the same as seeing the tree falling,
which is why we can perceive of how the tree fell.
(also when miss leaves the classroom she ceases to exist)…read more


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