Arguments against the transplantation of organs

Summary of the arguments against the transplantation of organs

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Arguments against the transplantation of organs
Living relatives of those seeking organs might feel pressurised into donating their own organ
to their relative.
People completely unrelated to those seeking organs but with a matching blood type might
be tempted to sell their own organs, should they be in desperate need on money. This is a
problem in LEDCs, as people will be more vulnerable to these pressures due to the lack of
wealth. Iran is the only country in the world where it is legal for one person to sell an organ to
This has created a black market of organ trade, with high prices for organs. This gives those
with an unfair chance of receiving an organ transplant, as they could effectively buy an organ,
whereas others do not have the funds. This market is called `transplantation tourism'.
This compensation for donors increases the risk of poor quality and/or diseases organs
reaching the market, as those most likely to sell their organs are from poorer countries
where nutrition and healthcare are less available. This raises safety issues with those who
would be receiving the transplant.
Arguments over who should receive new organs, and who should get priority. E.g. should
someone who has destroyed their liver through alcoholism be allowed a new liver?

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