Argument over if climate change is happening

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Argument over if climate change is happening
Several cold winters sparked the idea that it was due to increasing burning of
fossil fuels blocking the sun's rays warming the earth and could lead to another ice
age. This was followed by several warm summers suggesting a warming trend
Carbon dioxide has been found to be increasing due to increasing use of fossil
fuels. In the 1970's there was 350ppm of CO2 which increased to 380ppm in
2008. The Keeling curve shows a average increase in CO2 levels overtime. It
fluctuates due to seasonal variation as in the winter CO2 levels are higher as trees
don't photosynthesise.
Research into global warming was conducted in the 1980's and it was found that
global warming was happening but it was a long term event allowing humans to
adapt. For example, the Colorado River is dammed in places to provide water for
Las Vegas and Phoenix via the Central Arizona Project (CAP). However sceptics
argue that the earth's climate is too large to be influenced by human activity and
any changes were natural and easy to adapt too.
However, other evidence suggested global warming is a short term event and not
long term as ice cores have shown temperature changes have occurred frequently
and quickly, sometimes only over a few years.]
CFC's proved that humans can influence the climate as they destroy the ozone
Satellite monitoring of the earth's temperature contradicted research done
through thermometers which found the earth was warming, as they found the earth
was slightly cooling. The difference could be due to the differences in technology
used as thermometers in urban areas may be inaccurate as they are influenced by
the effects of heat trapped by urban areas.
However, evidence from glaciers melting more shows the earth is warming. Also
satellites were affected by friction that slowed them down and lowered the
distance between them and the earth meaning the temperature reading were wrong
and that the earth was actually warming.


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