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Area of Study 2: Bernstein/Reich/Schoenberg
Bernstein Reich Schoenberg
Performing Tenor Voice + Band: 1 performer but uses 8 guitars (6 Huge orchestra (quadruple ww, brass, perc +
Forces brass/woodwind/strings and drum guitars + 2 bass) strings)
kit Use of pre-recorded loops and Unusual playing techniques:
panning to help the listener…

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Dynamics & Soft beg + end. Few performing instructions, mainly Extreme dynamic levels
Articulation Strong contrasts in middle. mf-ff Strong contrasts
Mainly staccato. Fades Very detailed performing instructions
Haupt and Nebenstimme (most important
(main) and accompanying)
Tonality D major with section in C Aeolian Mode on E, but without Atonal…


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