Area of Study 1 (stucture in western classical music) revision notes

There is so much to remember for the music GCSE, so i have condensed the information into the bare basics.

Good Luck!

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Area of Study 1
Ground Bass ­
A theme in the bass part that is repeated throughout a movement.
Also called basso continuo.
Canon ­ a musical device where the theme is played first by one instrument and
then imitated a few beats later by another instrument.
Continuo ­ bass part in baroque music from which accompanying chords are usually
improvised on a harmony instrument such as harpsichord
Variations ­
Each time the bass part/phrase is repeated, a new melody is played.
The melodies correspond with the ground bass.
Decorate or ornament the melody
Put theme in base, chords over top
Imitate the theme amongst parts
Add rests
Add drone/pedal note
Change key/time signature/accompaniment/harmony/
Young person's guide to the orchestra ­ Benjamin Britten
Piano concerto No.24 in C minor, 3rd movement ­ Mozart
Ternary Form ­
Three distinct sections ­ ABA
Began in baroque period
Da capo aria ­ baroque vocal music
Minuet and Trio ­ classical period
Piano miniature- ternary ­ romantic period
Knecht Ruprecht ­ Schumann
Little Folk Song ­ Schumann
Rondo Form ­
ABACA ­ refrain/episode/refrain - going round
Last movement of symphonies/concertos
Les Moissonneurs (the harvesters) ­ Couperin


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