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Area of Study 1: Chopin/Mozart/Handel
Chopin Mozart Handel
Performing Piano Chamber Orchestra (strings/1 flute/2: SATB choir and continuo (organ and
Forces Clarinets/Oboes/Bassoons/Horns) cello)
Melody Regular Phrase Structure 2 main melodies: 1st/2nd subjects in 4 motifs including:
A: Major contrasting keys. i) Triadic Movement
i) Mostly steps after initial Semitone interval…

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Wider variety of keys in SO Amaj Emaj Bmaj
Harmony Dissonance in B Lots of perfect cadences, espc. at Lots of (im)perfect cadenced
Use of perfect and imperfect end of coda & codetta. Plagal Cadence to finish.
cadences to end phrases. Usually dominant pedal note.
Dominant pedal note ­…


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