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Nucleus Cell wall
Chloroplast…read more

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What are the different parts for?
· Nucleus ­ Controls the activities of the cell
· Cytoplasm - Where chemical reactions happen, which are
controlled by enzymes
· Cell membrane - Controls the passage of substances in and
out of the cell
· Mitochondria ­ Where most energy is released in respiration
· Ribosomes - Where protein synthesis occurs
· Cell wall - Strengthens the cell
· Vacuole ­ Filled with cell sap
· Chloroplasts ­ Absorb light energy to make food…read more

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Specialised Animal Cells
Sperm cell
Red blood cells
Nerve cell…read more

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Specialised Plant Cells
Root hair Xylem vessel
Palisade cell…read more

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How are bodies made?
Cells Tissues
Tissues Organs
Organs Systems
Systems Organisms…read more

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