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Deborah James…read more

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Male reproductive system…read more

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Female reproductive system…read more

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Development of the egg
Primary Follicle
Mature Follicle
Oocyte enters Follicle that has burst
oviduct continues to grow
forming corpus luteum
If pregnancy occurs it
continues to produce
hormones inhibiting the
menstrual cycle if not it
degenerates…read more

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Hormone Control of Menstrual
Pituitary Gland LH causes the
follicle to
Stimulates develop into
Produces FSH pituitary gland corpus luteum
When to produce LH
Causes follicle levels are very Produces
to develop high it causes a Inhibits FSH oestrogen and
surge of LH and progesterone
FSH causing
The follicle ovulation Encourages
Inhibits LH and
then produces Endometrium
FSH which
oestrogen to thicken
supports the
corpus luteum
so without
them it
degenerates…read more

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Hormones in the maintenance of
Corpus Luteum
First 3 months
Produces hCG
and oestrogen
Blastocyte and
Inhibit FSH + LH Stimulates and
later maintains After 3 months
Endometrium Progesterone
· For the first 3 months the early placenta secretes hCG which mimics LH
causing the corpus luteum to produce oestrogen and progesterone, later in
pregnancy the placenta produces its own progesterone
· Progesterone maintains endometrium
· FSH and LH are inhibited so no more follicles mature or ovulate while the
placenta produces hCG and progesterone…read more

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