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By Millie Duffield
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The Preliminary
Using "Rainforests" as a theme, develop ideas for a
textile product which includes a range of fabrics and
components and modern materials
Key points have been highlighted and added to our
specification table on the next slide
Click here to learn more about modern
fabrics. (It will take you to a slide not
Materials included in the presentation and you can
return back to this slide after)
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Specification Table
You may want Specification Points Included?
to copy this....
Keep it in Rainforest theme
mind at all
times when A textile product
A range of fabrics
A range of components
Modern materials
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First we need some inspiration....
...Mood board!
You could
focus on
animals... ...or trees...
...or all
of it!
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Come up with some initial drawings and
ideas in a sketchbook...
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Back to Basics...
We need to think of as many textile products as we can...
Write this up Tie Curtains
and add any
more you can
think of... Cape
there are
LOADS Textile
Poncho Dress
Jacket Trousers
Quilt Skirt
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