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Society turns
differences into
How does stratification start?…read more

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Many years ago; strong healthy people would
have been able to provide and hunt.
Disabled or `weak' people would have been a burden
on the rest and so strong abled people were
perceived as better.
A difference became an
An inequality became the basis of
societies structure.
This way of thinking was passed on over time.
Stratification became prominent in society's social
How Stratification Develops.…read more

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Resources; Power, Income
and Wealth.
Opportunities; Education,
Employment and Health.
People may be unequal in terms of
resources and opportunities.
Resources and Employment.…read more

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Gender Ethnicity Social Class Age
Men White Upper Young
Black /
Women Other Working Old
Hierarchy.…read more

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Status; A social position /
honour / prestige.
Ascribed; Fixed at birth.
Achieved; Earned on the basis of
talent or merit.
Status.…read more

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