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Radio Digital Radio
Newspapers Internet
TV Satellite TV
New Media is based on new technologies such as
Introduction.…read more

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+ television and radio are + the press is a form of media
broadcast across the world consisting of printed items hence
+ reach massive audiences the word `press'
+ financed by television licenses / + newspapers and magazines
advertising campaigns / + funded by sales / advertising
subscriptions campaigns
+ Electronic media covers
just the internet as there are
so many websites in
Introduction.…read more

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# In 1980, there were just three terrestrial
television channels in the UK, they delivered
broadcasts by ground transmitters.
# Digital broadcasting has become a much
more popular way of transmitting television
and radio channels - it is more capable of
sending a larger variety of channels in much
better quality.
Developments In Technology over
the last 30 years.…read more

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# Interactivity has meant the public can
become actively involved and therefore
connected with the media.
# User produced content being publicised
over the internet has lead to increased variety
of media content and there is now something
for everyone.
Developments In Technology over
the last 30 years.…read more

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# The audience receives daily
injections from the media, this acts
like a drug as it has a powerful
effect on the attitudes of consumers
and causes them to tune in again
for the next fix.
Audience Theories…read more

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this is really helpful and in depth, just the hash tags (#) are really annoying 

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