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Culture & Identity…read more

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Values, Norms & Mores
· Values: beliefs about what is good and bad,
some values a re based on religious beliefs
while others may be based on the needs of
the social system.
· Norms: are guidelines for behaviour in specific
social settings
· Mores: are internalised attitudes towards
certain social behaviours, e.g. Taboo.…read more

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· Subculture: a culture within a culture where a group develops
distinctive norms and values that are different from those of the
mainstream culture.
Albert Cohen:
· Delinquent youth cultures.
· Young working-class men were more likely to commit crime than
other social classes for fun.
· Don't do so well in education so find it hard to get a well-paid job.
· Norms and values turned upside down.…read more

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High & Low Culture
· High Culture: High culture is culture which has been
around for a long time and is enjoyed by the elite.
· Low Culture: Culture that is short-lived, dies out very
quickly and is enjoyed by the majority of the population.…read more

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Different Perspectives
· Society shapes cultural beliefs and behaviour.
· Ruling class their economic power to shape culture
through all other social institutions.
· The ruling class benefits from cultural beliefs.
· Society shapes culture.
· Men have more power in society.…read more

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AoS: Family
· Learn basic norms and values mainly through role modelling. Imitate
behaviour which we see as suitable.
· The family teaches children the skills and behaviour needed to
interact with others at school.
· The family teaches the children basic norms and values they need to
become workers as adults.
· Gender role socialisation begins in the family. Boys imitate father
whilst girls imitate mother.
· Nuclear families is a patriarchal institution where men dominate.…read more

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