AQA Religious Studies B: Science and Religion

My revision notes on Science and Religion

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Scientific Truth (proved with scientific evidence objective)
Historical Truth (evidence from past can be interpreted subjective)
Religious Truth (Sacred writings, conscience etc. Spiritually revealed and part of the doctrine
of a religion subjective)
Absolute Truth Fixed unalterable facts. True for all times/cultures
e.g. atheist belief there is no God/Fundamentalist belief in scriptures are absolute truths
Evolving changing Truth depends on what known at time. e.g. agnostic believe in God
changes and scientific theories are disproven. e.g. World is flat
Authority something/one accepted as having power to expect obedience. e.g. God
(scriptures = absolute Truth) or Personal belief (interpretation=subjective)
Big Bang the beginnings of the universe according to many scientists took place when a singularity
exploded and from this explosion, all matter which makes up the universe came into being.
Genesis creation account (Christians and Jews)
1. Light
2. Sky & Heavens
3. Land, plants & trees
4. Sun, moon and stars
5. Fish and Birds
6. Animals and Humans
7. God rested
Sikh Creation Story God was alone and planned world. He put everything needed for world
into an egg. When time was right, the egg exploded to give the universe. Everything moving away
from starting point.
Creation stories and religion Non-compatible
Non-literal/myth scriptures can be Atheists do not believe in God. Richard Dawkins
Stages of creation are similar to science Fundamentalists only accept creation story
Days in Genesis=years in Big Bang
Sikhs & Muslims believe their teachings do Big Bang = Random event, NOT God
not conflict scientific teachings
Buddhists have no God, so accept science Big Bang took years not days
Hindus believe universe is created and Leads on to evolution which disagrees with
destroyed in cycles, so Big Bang is how Genesis.
universe is recreated after destruction
Stephen Hawkins God caused the Big Bang Richard Dawkins science is correct not religion

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