AQA Religious Studies B: Evil and Suffering

Revision notes on the Evil and Suffering chapter of the AQA Religious Studies B syllabus :)

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Natural Suffering Caused by nature (e.g. earthquakes)
If God created earth, why are there natural disasters?
Manmade Suffering Caused by actions of humans (e.g.War)
Why given free will?
Why not made perfect?
God gave us freedom to be human, but we make mistakes
Purpose of Suffering
To keep us alive and well (e.g. toothache)
To make us appreciate things taken for granted (e.g. blind)
Make us stronger (show courage & determination)
Achieve a goal (e.g. give birth)
Test of Faith (e.g. Job)
Punishment for sin
Part of God's mysterious plan
Widen gap between heaven and hell
Religion Explanation Response
Christian Adam and Eve disobedience (original sin) Love thy neighbour
When people rebel against God's laws Follow Jesus example to
actively help suffering
Human Freedom
Punishment/education Trust in God
Devil/Test of Faith (Job) Turn the other cheek
Martin Luther King against racial discrimination Forgive sinners (Lord's prayer)
Islam Free will (humans choose to sin) Judgement Day
Shaytan tempts us to evil/makes us suffer to test Qur'an says stand up for justice
No original sin. Start life with a clean slate Zakat give to poor
Sikhism Karma (law of cause & effect) Selfless service (sewa)
Free meals in temple (langar)
Atheist Social conditioning (Sigmund Freud)
Random occurrences in nature
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Believers Questions Answers
Benevolent why create world with evil? Gave us free will (Christians and Muslims) out of
love like loving father
Omnipotent why can't he stop evil? Lets us use freedom wisely to learn
Omniscient he knows there is evil/suffering Does not will our suffering
Part of God's mysterious plan
Will Evil always exist?
Yes No
Human nature If everyone followed Eightfold path
Hindus Part of cycle of birth, death and Evil does not exist.…read more


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