AQA protest,pressure gropus and minority rights

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Topics Christianity Islam
Protest: - Public dissent against Christians believe in protest. Yes they do protest as they have
something and action to change a duty to fellow Muslims to
it. Example-> Martin Luther King, support them.
abortion clinics and Jesus who
protested in a temple in Islam means peace. Muhammad
Jerusalem by turning over tables. said Muslims should be peaceful
at all times.
The Bible says everyone is equal
because God made us all Violence is forbidden except I
They protest non-violently
Muslim organisation protest
Marches against Islamophobia.
Sit-ins Malcolm X & Suicide Bombers
Equality for all & everyone All are created equal Muslims
deserves fairness /justice. should try to promote peace.
Key Terms
Pressure Groups: -Organisations Minority rights:-the belief that Civil Obedience: -refusing to do as
formed to raise public awareness people from small groupings the Government asks as a sign of
of an issue, who try to make a within society should receive the protest, for example withholding
change happen through their same rights and opportunities as taxes that would go to defence
work. everyone else. spending.
Non-violent protest:-Protest that Conscientious: - controlled by or
is not violent, for example done according to conscience
Prejudice and Discrimination
Prejudice-prejudging someone or Good Samaritan story Men and women are equal
something with no good reason,
without full knowledge of the Do unto others as you would Allah intended humanity to be
situation. have unto you created with differences.
Christ is all and is in all. Muslims all over the world are
united by the ummah-> the
Do not deprive the alien or the brotherhood of Muslims.
fatherless justice.
Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah
demonstrates equality.
Discrimination: -unjust treatment, New testament says love one All Muslims are equal
often resulting from prejudice. another

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Jesus helped anyone and was
critical of those who excluded
Zacheasus story.
Good Samaritan
So God created man in his own
image and female he
created them.
Equality:- that everyone is Justice:- that everyone has the Community:- that human beings
important same rights and deserves the are one big community
same treatment.…read more


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