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AQA Physics P2…read more

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Energy, Work & Momentum
Work done is when
a force moves on an Work done= Energy
object. transferred.
Gravitational The kinetic energy of
Potential Energy an object is the
depends on the energy it has due to
weight and height of it's motion. It
the object depends on mass
and speed.
Momentum is the
property of moving
objects, dependent
on mass and
velocity.…read more

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Momentum has size Momentum is conserved.
and direction, this is
important to The total momentum =
consider in momentum after an event
Child Car Seat
·A child must be
Seat Belts strapped into a car
·Stops the wearer seat until age 12 or Air Bags
from continuing a height of 1.35m.
·At the front and
forwards when a car ·Babies face side to protect from
stops. backwards. impact.
·The decelerating ·Children under four ·Inflated when you
force is reduced by should be in a seat crash to spread
wearing a seat belt. fitted to the back impact across the
seat. chest.…read more

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Stopping distance =
thinking distance +
Forces braking distance.
Stopping distances increase
The acceleration of Friction is a force with :
an object is the rate that occurs when ·Greater speed
at which it's velocity surfaces slide past
changes. ·Adverse weather
each other and
Deceleration is through a medium. ·The driver being tired,or
negative Friction works in the under the influence of drugs
acceleration. opposite direction to or alcohol.
where the object is ·The vehicle being in poor
moving. condition.
This represents the
velocity of an object.
The area
underneath the line
shows the total
distance travelled.…read more

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Forces Continued...
When force is
applied to a spring,
Falling objects work I done to
experience a stretch the spring. It'
downwards force s called elastic
and an upward potential energy
Terminal velocity is
frictional force. when the resultant
The faster an object forces on an object
moves the greater balance and the
The weight of an the frictional force. object moves at a
object is the force steady speed.
exerted by gravity
(gravitational field
strength) in newtons…read more

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Static Electricity
Static Electricity
builds when Gaining electrons -
electrons are makes them
`rubbed off' one negatively charged. + + -
material on to Duster -
another. Loosing electrons -
makes them -
Materials with the positively charged.
same charge repel
each other.
Materials with the
+ When the cloth is
different charges
attract each other. rubbed on the rod
+ electrons are
+ removed from the
rod. It's now
positively charged…read more

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