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Uroos Fatima VIW

Audience Theories
Hypodermic Syringe Theory
The hypodermic syringe theory is that the media is like a syringe which injects ideas, attitudes and
beliefs into the audience. People are affected in different ways by the media. The audience are
sometimes aware of what's happening, but are still injecting…

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Uroos Fatima VIW

Documentary `creative treatment of actuality'- Grierson

Poetic Documentary-

Expository Documentary- speaks directly to the audience aiming to explain or expose something to
audiences that it probably unfamiliar to audiences. Use social issues assembled into an argumentative
frame, uses `voice of God'. Mostly in wildlife, scientific documentaries


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Uroos Fatima VIW

Narrative Theories
Barthes' Codes-story can start anywhere, signifies and mediation

A text is tangled ball of threads which needs to unravel; when we do we can look at narratives from
more than one viewpoint. You can continue by unravelling the narrative from different angles by
pulling different…

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Uroos Fatima VIW

Voyeurism-when the audience gets pleasure from watching things that isn't morally correct for them
to see e.g. seeing someone give birth and getting undressed

Marxist- how society is divided by power of different classes and its more about the higher class
having the bigger say/values, its unequal…


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