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The Reichstag Fire had given Hitler the opportunity to damage the reputation of the
Communists and to heighten the reputation of the Nazis.
The election of March 1933 and the decision of the Nationalist Party to join with the
Nazis had given Hitler control of the Reichstag.

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Once Hitler had control of Germany he didn't need the SA anymore. He was also worried
that they might be a threat to his leadership.
The SA leader Ernst Roehm wanted the SA to have total control of the German army.
This would make him more powerful than Hitler.

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30 January 1933 Hitler is appointed Chancellor Only 3 out of 12 cabinet members are Nazis.
1 February 1933 Hindenburg agrees to dissolve This gave Hitler the opportunity to gain the majority
the Reichstag and hold new he needed to change the Weimar Constitution
17 February 1933 Goering gains…

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New Ministry for Public Enlightenment Concordat between the state and the Catholic Church
and Propaganda created
Reichstag Fire Day of Potsdam
Reichstag Election Night of the Long Knives


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