list off all output devices required for the AQA INFO1 Exam

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Device Method Media Scenario Limitations
Screen/Monitor Visual Film from a DVD A teenager has just Take up a lot of space
bought a Film in DVD
form and is watching it If they break there not
on his PC much you can do.
Laser Printer Paper Based Printing off an essay A student is printing of Take up a lot of space
along essay his has
written Very expensive
(especially colour
Inkjet Printer Paper Based Pictures for a collage of A young family has just Take a long time to print
a family holiday got back from holiday in colour
and want to create a
large collage of photos to Ink Will smudge if still
put on the wall so that wet.
they remember the
DotMatrix Printer Paper based Banks need to record A bank has to make Very slow
customer details multiple copies of a
customers details with Very noisy
having to rewrite them
over and over again.
Plotter Paper based A map maker need to A Professional Map Are often more
print out a 10 foot long marker need to print out expensive than printers
map of Boland a 10 foot long map of
Boland for his client.

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Do not produce high
quality text printouts
Speakers Sound A Dance tent need Festival organisers need The output from
dance music to make sound din the speakers can disturb
dance tent so they install others who are trying to
speakers work
High quality external
speakers can be
Lights Light A woman building a An engineer is building a The bulb may break or
circuit want to know if robot and want to know if wear out and need
electricity is flow correctly the battery…read more


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