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You will sit three exams, as well as a controlled
The exam modules are:
· Managing places in the 21st century
· Hostile world
· Investigating the shrinking world…read more

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Each exam will comprise one booklet with
both questions and space for answers in it.
The booklets are generally between 24 and 28
pages in length.
The space for each answer is between 2 and
12-14 dotted lines.
You can ask for a 4-page supplementary
booklet if you need extra space, but that's it!…read more

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This is similar to old-fashioned coursework,
but is completed in-class.
You will have time to prepare in-class
beforehand. In the real thing, your teacher can'
t help you at all. It's exam conditions.…read more

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The exam has a wide range of questions, from
definitions to short essays.
The best ways to do well (in my opinion):
· Answer questions and read the mark scheme!
· Work out time to spend per mark beforehand
· Learn the keywords and definitions well
· Wear comfortable clothes*
· Learn how to calm yourself down and not panic
(easy to say, hard to do)
*i.e. Don't get cold or wear a belt or socks that are too tight!…read more


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