AQA Geography B Globalisation Case Study

AQA Geography B Globalisation Case Study


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The main country where Nokia's products are manufactured is in China. This is because there are high
amounts of buildings in China and are high quantities of people. This means that the company can hire
workers, in particular women (90% are women), for low costs and place them in one of their many
corporations, this will result in the company making significant profits because they are using cheap
labour to make their goods.
Health and Safety:
The warehouse in China has few ethnical visits which means that the company is rarely checked for
health and safety issues. This means that workers are working in unsafe environments and are in
danger of receiving life-threatening illnesses and conditions. This means that the rate of workers
having Repetitive Strain Injury has increased because they work for 10 hour shifts. In addition, the
workers do not use ear plugs. This means that the workers will suffer from ear related conditions,
because they don't use ear protection. Furthermore, chemicals are not stored properly. This means
that workers are at risk of contracting diseases because the chemicals are stored near their drinking

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The workers receive very small pay for their 10 hour shifts. They are paid 22RNB, which is equivalent
to £1.50, a day. This means that workers have below minimum pay and as a result, the company
makes a significant profit from their profits. Furthermore, if they break or lose an item, then they will
have to pay for this. In addition, if they are late, they lose money from their wages.…read more


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