AQA Geography B Environment Education in Costa Rica [CASE STUDY]

Environment Education in Costa Rica

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Environment Education in Costa Rica
The formation of a club for kids called "Friends of the Environment" will help reduce the loss of the
tropical rainforest in Costa Rica. This is because if children are taught from a young age about the
importance of protecting and preserving the rainforest then they are more likely to inform and help
their parents about it and they in fact will do what they can to protect the rainforest. When children
learn about things about this from a young age they can help raise money through fundraising and the
proceeds can go to preserving the rainforest. Also, education is important, so the fact that they
would be taught about this it is creating a big change because they can understand the importance of
the rainforest's ecosystem and how it is important for the food chains.
Another important way of reducing the loss of the tropical rainforest is creating laws to prevent
overdevelopment of the land. This will reduce the loss of the TRF because if laws are created, then
legally no-one can do anything that will cause damage to the rainforests. This means that soil is given
time to re-establish itself and this reduces the rate of soil erosion. Also, the reduction of
development in the rainforest means that fewer trees are cut down which results in the decrease in
global warming because the trees can turn the CO2 into oxygen and food using photosynthesis. As
well as that, money will be saved because less money is used for equipment to remove trees and
farmers can grow crops on their land without it being removed for the development of buildings.
As well as that, the loss of the rainforest can be reduced by a cooperative organization that helps
teach farmers to grow crops more productively without the use of chemical pesticides. This is
because if farmers are taught about the dangers of the pesticides and the effect it has on the soil
and the environment then the rainforest will be preserved. In Costa Rica, where farming is important,
teaching farmers about preserving the soil will not only mean they are able to make more money
from their produce but this also means that local parks and reserves will be helped because their soil
won't be affected and this means that they can have animals that are eating form chemically
damaged soil and this then means that the food chain will not be affected,. It also means that tourist
will not be damaged; therefore more people would want to see and protect the rainforest.


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