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Demographic Transition Model
· Stage 1 ­ Low life expectancy. High birth rate and
death rate (AMAZON)
· Stage 2 ­ Decrease in death rate. High birth rate,
increased life expectancy (AFGHANISTAN)
· Stage 3 ­ Death rate continues to fall. Decrease in
birth rate. (India)
· Stage 4 ­ Birth and death rates are low. Slow
population growth. (UK)
· Stage 5 ­ Death rate rises, birth rate slows.
Population decrease. (GERMANY)…read more

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China's one child policy
· In the 1970's china was heading for a famine, like in 1959 and 1961 unless changes were
· Began in 1979
· Couples must not marry until late 20's
· Only one successful pregnancy
· Sterilisation after first child
· 5-10% salary rise if rules were followed
· Priority housing, pension and schooling for child.
· `Granny police' accompanied young couples to doctors appointments
If the rules were broken
· 10% salary cut, which would bankrupt many households
· No free education of any child
· Second child not granted Chinese citizenship
Minority groups exempt, those living in rural areas are allowed two.…read more

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Kerala's population control
· Educating people of small family benefits
· Reducing infant mortality via vaccines
· Free contraception
· Encouraging higher marriage age
· Maternity leave only for the first 2 babies
· Extra retirement benefits for small families
· Provided adult literacy classes
· Treating boys and girls equally
· Land reforms ­ everyone could be self sufficient. No
family allowed more than 8 hectares, so large families
would be at a disadvantage…read more

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Ageing populations
Problems Benefits
· Health care ­ demand · They spend money on
increases, more taxation recreation after retiring
needed · They volunteer
· Social services ­ day care · Travel
and nursing · Some work and pay taxes
· Pensions ­ More dependent
on working age people…read more

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France's solution
· Encourages people to have children to
produce a more favourable age structure
· Three years of paid parental leave
· Full time schooling by age of 3
· Day care provided
· More children means the sooner a woman can
retire on a full pension…read more

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