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Unit 2 Physics: Revision Notes

Formulae you need to know are in bold.

1 Motion

· The slope of a distancetime graph represents speed.

· The velocity of a body is its speed in a given direction.

· acceleration = change in velocity / time taken

· The slope of…

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· If the resultant force acting on a stationary body is not zero, the body will accelerate in the direction of
the resultant force.

· Resultant force = mass × acceleration

(newton, N) (kilogram, kg) (metre per second squared m / s2 )

· When a vehicle travels at a…

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h = 4

· A driver's reaction time is affected by tiredness, drugs or alcohol.
· A vehicle's braking distance depends on road and weather conditions, and the condition of the
3 Work and Energy
· When a force…

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force = change in momentum / time taken for change
5 Static electricity
· When materials are rubbed against each other they can become electrically charged. Negatively
charged electrons are rubbed off one material onto the other.

· The material that gains electrons becomes
negatively charged. The material that loses…

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- total resistance = sum of the resistance of each component
- there is the same current through each component
- the total pd of the supply is shared between the components.
· For components connected in parallel:

- potential difference across each component is the same
- the total…

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· In an atom, number of electrons = number of protons in the nucleus. The atom has zero net electrical

· Atoms may lose or gain electrons to form ions.
· Atoms of a particular element have the same number of protons.
· Atoms of different elements have different…


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