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Deaths and
damage to each
Country Death Damage
s ($)
Barbados 1 5 million
Cayman Islands 2 3.5 billion
Cuba 0 1.2 billion
Dominican Republic 4 Unknown
Grenada 39 1.1 billion
Jamaica 17 360 million
St. Lucia 0 2.6 million
Saint Vincent and 0 40 million
the Grenadines

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Nearly all the schools were either damaged or destroyed; half of residents were made
It cost Grenada $1.1 billion.


Short term: Lack of water, food and medical care were quickly restored.
Long term: Agriculture, tourism and infrastructure were badly affected and took 10 years to
recover and repair.…

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For Portugal: made plenty of money from South Africa, they earned over 1.2 billion after selling
85% of their stake.
For Mozambique: 1% of population has electricity and after buying Portugal's stakes ­ they now
have full control over the dam.
For South Africa: They receive over 2000 MW (mega-watts)…

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Bulgaria: Its population has fallen 300,000 in 10 years because people want a better quality of life
and seek it closer to the European Economic Core (EEC). Before joining the EU it was dominated by
the USSR and was a communist country, after the break-up of the "communist bloc" in…


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