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UDC: Urban Development Corporations were a major strategy and initiative taken in the 1980s, the
LDDC was established in 1981, and aimed to bring unused land to effective use and regenerate the
area sustainably. While also creating an attractive environment with good facilities so that more people
work and live…

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Facts about Kibera:

Located South-West of the CBD of the capital
of Kenya ­ Nairobi.
½ of the 60% of the people, who live in slums
in Nairobi, live in Kibera.
Estimated 800,000-1 million people live there.
255 hectares of land in total.
1 person = 1m2 space to themselves.…

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Capital of Parana (state).
Located in Mid Brazil.

Plan in 1960:

Reduce urban sprawl.
Develop public transport
Reduce traffic in CBD.
Preserve green areas
Save Historic buildings.
Cheap bus system...

Benefits of plan:

o Preserving historic
buildings increases tourism.
o Preserving green areas
increases quality of life.

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