AQA GCSE English: Paper 1 Pre- realease Media Text: BA scraps its sandwiches in hunger for savings

Just some notes on this. If anyone has some other ideas please say because i really need to get an A

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BA scraps its sandwiches in hunger for savings
Headline ­ The pun `in hunger' is effective because it suggests that BA will
not be hungry if it removes its sandwiches. It also implies that without the
sandwiches the passengers will be `in hunger'.
Many statistics are related to finance, such as `BA lost £401 million'. The
uses of these statistics imply that this article is trying to inform readers
of the financial status of many large companies, not only BA.
Robertson also combines his views with facts to make his argument seem
to have more validity.
The alliteration `stop serving sandwich meals' suggests that British Airways
are sneering at the `no-frills' airlines although it is becoming more like
The use of the compound word `bring-your-own' implies that British
Airways is being reduced from its superior position
The hyperbole and personification `fighting for survival' implies that BA is
in a battle and the move to remove the cheese sandwiches is necessary.
Other words related to battle are used such as `casualties', which is used
to describe `the humble cheese sandwich'. This suggests that the sandwich
is a victim to the cuts, and causes the reader to empathise with it.
A quote from a `company insider' is used. This gives the impression that the
information provided has a level of importance.
In the phrase `even BA's premium passengers', the word `even' indicates
that this move is appalling and degrading.
The expression `replaced with a galley buffet' evokes a feeling that BA is
becoming inferior. This is furthermore suggested because Robertson
compares this with `afternoon tea', which is often regarded as aristocratic.
Picture - A cheese sandwich is flying away like an aeroplane, which is
implied by its shape and angle. It portrays the feeling that the sandwiches
are departing from the airport so that travellers do not have the access
to it.
The price comparison suggests that BA is actually offering less than the
other airlines although the passengers `pay the extra'. The phrase `bring
your own' implies that the service offered by BA is actually inferior to the
other airlines.
The BA comparison is placed high, towards the sky in the picture. This
suggests that although it is becoming inferior, its prices and reputation
within air passengers is superior.


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