AQA GCSE Biology Unit 3 Revision List

The Complete Revision List for the AQA GCSE Biology B3 Specification.

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AQA GCSE Biology
Revision List
Biology Unit 3 (B3)
Active Transport
The Sports Drink Dilemma
Exchanging Materials ­ The Lungs
Ventilating the Lungs
Artificial Breathing Aids
Exchange in the Gut
Exchange in Plants
The Circulatory System and the Heart
Keeping the Blood Flowing
Transport in the Blood
Artificial and Real Blood
Transport Systems in Plants
Controlling Internal Conditions
The Human Kidney
Dialysis ­ An Artificial Kidney
Kidney Transplants
Controlling Body Temperature
Treatment and Temperature Issues
Controlling Blood Glucose
Treating Diabetes
The Effects of the Population Explosion
Land and Water Pollution
Air Pollution
Deforestation and Destruction
Global Warming
Making Food Production Efficient
Sustainable Food Production
Environmental Issues


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