AQA GCSE Biology unit 3 notes on enzymes

A useful table showing where and how enzymes work in digestive system.

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Substance/ Enzyme Site of Production Site of Action & Breaks Down: Into:
optimum pH
Bile (neutralises acid from Liver (stored in gall Large drops of Fat Small Droplets of
stomach) bladder ­ released in Small Intestine fat
small intestine via
bile duct) Process of Emulsification
Amylase Pancreas Small Intestine (7-9) Starch Maltose (sugar)
Trypsin (a protease) Pancreas Small Intestine (7-9) Polypeptides/ Amino Acids
Lipase Pancreas Small Intestine (7-9) Fats(lipids) Fatty Acids &
Carbohydrases Wall of Small Small Intestine (7-9) Disaccharides Monosaccharides
(sucrase, maltase, lactase) Intestine (glucose)
Amylase Mouth (salivary Mouth Starch Maltose
Pepsin (a protease) Cells of stomach Stomach (1-3) Proteins Polypeptides


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