AQA GCSE Biology Unit 1 - Diet and Exercise

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What is Carbohydrate needed for? What is a balanced diet?
A balanced diet contains the right
Carbohydrate releases energy. balance of different food groups
and the right amount of energy.

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What is fat needed for? What is protein needed for?
Fat is needed for warmth Protein is needed for growth,
and to release energy. cell repair and cell replacement.…read more

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What is water needed for? What is fiber needed for?
Water is needed to stay alive Fiber is needed to keep everything moving
and to keep the skin hydrated. smoothly through the digestive system.…read more

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Define malnourished. What is Vitamins and Minerals needed for?
Malnourished is when you have an
Vitamins and minerals are
unbalanced diet which causes you
needed to generally keep healthy.
to be overweight or underweight.…read more

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List 5 health problems associated Define deficiency disease
Deficiency disease are caused by lack
Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, stroke, high
of nutrients. For example, scurvy is a
blood pressure and heart problems.
disease caused by lack of vitamin C.…read more

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Developed countries.
Eat less salt, eat less animal
Give three ways people can decreases the In which type of countries
chances of getting these health problems.…read more

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Why is too much saturated What 4 kinds of health
Arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, some kinds
It increases the blood cholesterol level.
of cancer and high blood pressure.…read more

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Why is exercise good for health?
Which excessive amount of
It increases the amount of
Carbohydrate and fat. energy used by the body and
decreases the amount stored as fat.…read more

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How will you put on weight?
How can a person be fit and
Even though person does regular
If you take in more energy then
exercise and is slim they might have an
amount you use you will gain weight.
unbalanced diet so they are malnourished.…read more

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Why is too much cholesterol bad?
What are the common
It can start building up in blood vessel
Slow growth (in children), fatigue,
like the arteries. This can cause a
poor resistance to infections
clot and if the artery is completed
and irregular periods in women.
blocked it can cause heart attack.…read more


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