AQA English Language-Q4 Comparing language

For anyone taking the AQA English Language exam, hope this helps with q4-just some quick tips

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Comparing Language-Question 4 AQA
Should include an introduction and conclusion. And include the following:
Sentences and paragraphs
Significant vocabulary
Imagery and linguistic features : rhetoric, emotive language, irony, exaggeration, contrast, colloquial
language, ambiguity, inference, examples-quotations-anecdotes, humor and lists.
How to answer the question and structure it: PLAN A: (1) Introduce both texts (2) Analyse direct
contrasts and similarities of both texts (3) summarise about both texts. Presentational
1) `The two texts... Use language...The first text is different....'-example
Straightforward introduction
Audience and linguistic approach
Clear comparison
2) When comparing the two texts: Make a point about one text and then use `in contrast...'-example to text 2
3) `Both texts are effective, each for their own audience and purpose'-example
Draws to conclusion: `Both texts...'-example
Generalises an idea
Final comparison


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