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Unemployment ­ AS Macro

Measures to reduce unemployment
Demand and Supply side causes

Unemployment can be measured in a two ways. The Claimant Count measure of
unemployment includes those unemployed people who are eligible to claim the
Job Seeker's Allowance. People who meet the criteria receive the JSA for six…

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Structural Unemployment
Structural unemployment is associated with changes in the structure of
industry as some industries close down and the workers are then left
It can be caused by both technological changes and foreign competition
through globalisation.
Overcoming structural unemployment requires considerable occupational
retraining for the workforce, financial grants…

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unemployment as labour markets do not operate immediately to match
the supply of labour to the demand for labour. This also links to voluntary
unemployment as some people choose to become unemployed.
It is caused by the supply of labour not wanting to work at equilibrium
standards but can also…


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